CANopen Stack integration on OS based target platforms


Enhanced Target-OS interface for our CANopen Stacks enables a highly efficient CANopen protocol integration on operating system based target platforms

The latest Target-OS (TgtOs) interface for the CANopen Stacks is now available for Linux/POSIX, Windows and embOS based target systems.

Many modern CANopen applications should be integrated on target platforms, where an operating system is running and the CANopen process interacts only as one of many other different processes on that system.

Most of the available CANopen protocol stacks on the market are working based on the polling method, which the CANopen stack does not internally call any OS specific API function. The application has to take care that the process function is cyclically called with short delays to reduce the jitter for the communication over the CAN bus. The application is also responsible for the synchronization of the shared data. The bottle neck of this method is often the high CPU processor load which resulting in a longer reaction time of the CANopen applications.

In order to offer the possibility of implementing multi-threaded applications and to use the advantages of an operating system, SYS TEC electronic has developed the so-called TgtOs interface, which acts as an uniform API interface to the different operating system functions. The CANopen stack only calls the functions of the TgtOs interface and is therefore independent of any operating system. The actual functions of the operating system are implemented within the TgtOs-function set.

By calling the INIT-function, the CANopen stack automatically opens itself a new task. This task handles and processes all events of the CANopen stack. The CANopen application does not have to call the process function. For this purpose, the TgtOs interface for operating systems is used within the CANopen stack. Events that wake up the (internal) CANopen task are: receipt of a new CAN message; a timer is expired (e.g. receipt of a new CAN message); calling a CANopen API-function (e.g. changing of a configuration in the OD). The callback functions are called up in the CANopen application from the context of the (internal) CANopen task.

The new TgtOs interface is available for our CANopen Master & Slave Source Code CiA 301 as well as for the CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302.

Customers with a valid software maintenance and service agreement (SMSA) should contact our support channel for getting that new version. For propective customers or customers without SMSA, we can offer attractive license conditions or an upgrade - please contact us: or call +49-3765 38600-2110.

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